Creator’s Bio

Nicholas H. Kovacs, O.F.S. was born a cradle Catholic on the Canadian West Coast in the year 1980. During high school, Nick became a lukewarm Catholic. He attributes his lukewarm faith to bad catechesis. Through the grace of God, after high school; in 1999, Nick moved with his family to Pensacola, Florida. During the Great Jubilee 2000, Christ renewed Nick’s faith by using the great clergy of the Pensacola -Tallahassee Diocese as His instruments. One of the key members of the clergy in the Pensacola -Tallahassee Diocese, who played a pivotal role in renewing Nick’s faith, was his Pensacola pastor, MSGR. Michael Reed. Nick also has to give credit to his spiritual director, Fr. George, who is a long time family friend; for assisting in his renewal.

Although Nick is a transplant to the South, he considers himself a Southerner; and where ever life takes him, he will always consider the Gulf Coast of America to be home. He loves the beauty and warm climate of the Gulf Coast, and the Southern Culture. Nick even got the privilege of living 5 years in Texas (2006-2011). Out of all the communities Nick has lived in, Pensacola, Florida is the city closest to his heart.

In 2011, God surprisingly called Nick and his family back to Canada. Although Nick is a dual citizen, and values his Canadian heritage; he considers himself to be more of an American than a Canadian. God willing, Nick hopes to return to the Gulf Coast of America permanently; some day soon.

Nick has spent his entire life in a wheelchair with a neuromuscular disability. Even though he is disabled, Nick sees his disability as a gift from God, and never hesitates to preach the Gospel.

Nick has been published in Immaculata Magazine,  Gilbert Magazine, and has an ebook published on the sacraments which received an imprimatur from Cardinal DiNardo. Nick also has other books published, and other prayer projects as well.

He is also an EWTN Media Missionary, and designs websites. Nick is also an avid blogger and contributor to

In 2007, Nick was professed into the Secular Franciscan Order. The St. Thomas More Fraternity in Houston, TX, and the St. Anthony of Padua Fraternity in Pensacola, Florida, will always hold a special place in his heart. He is grateful for the Franciscan formation he received from these two fraternities. Nick must also thank Mother Angelica, for inspiring him to join the Order of Franciscans Secular.